Cliff Project - Newport Beach

Details of designs for balcony, main window and front door.
Main window design and chimney finishes.
Corner detail, chimney design and perimeter wall.
Chimney texture design.
Detail of design for the hardscape, lighting, wrought iron and surround for front door
Combination of textures at hardscape.
Movement of planter walls at hardscape design.
Exclusive design of exterior furniture.
Organic shape detail for hardscape at entry.
Chimney design and under roof eave.
Exterior lighting design and gates.
Exterior stairs and balcony railing design.
Detail railing design.
Living room design, cabinets, custom furniture and mobil-light sculpture.
Railing, baseboard, stairs shape designs, floors and finishes.
Stairwell ceiling design, personally sculpted by designer and light design.
Great room, firescreen designs.
Kitchen cabinets, lights, floors designs.
All flows in organic shapes. Everything is custom designed and hand painted walls.
Close up of the table and chairs with the fountain view behind.
All lighting is custom designed for the project.
Master bedroom that shows the exclusive designs and level of craftmanship.

Diseños de los detalles arquitectónicos y artísticos exteriores e interiores. Acabados y diseño del mobiliario, hierro forjado y elementos de iluminación para interiores y exteriores. Decoración.

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